Graduate research at the ACDL is typically pursued in the context of an SM or PhD degree program at MIT. Most ACDL graduate students are enrolled in degree programs within the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. More info on Aero-Astro graduate programs is available at Graduate students in the Aero-Astro PhD program typically choose their doctoral specialization in collaboration with their advisors. While the Aerospace Computational Engineering track is likely to be of particular interest to ACDL doctoral students, other tracks are certainly compatible with ACDL research.

The graduate programs of the MIT Center for Computational Engineering (CCE) are well aligned with ACDL research. All ACDL faculty are affiliated with CCE. CCE offers an SM degree in Computation for Design and Optimization (CDO) and a PhD degree in Computational Science and Engineering (CSE); the latter is pursued in conjunction with one of several MIT departments. More information on these CCE educational programs is available at and

Graduate students from other departments and degree programs who share research interests with ACDL faculty can also find research advisors within the ACDL. Comprehensive information on MIT's graduate programs can be found at

MIT undergraduate researchers are very welcome in the ACDL; the lab hosts a number of UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program) students during the fall/spring semesters and the summer. Potential UROP students are strongly encouraged to contact relevant ACDL faculty directly in order to learn of open positions and projects. More information on undergraduate research in the Aero-Astro department can be found at