SEALGLIDER: New Form of Marine Transportation

5 November 2021
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
SEALGLIDER: New Form of Marine Transportation
Bryan Baker

Abstract:  A seaglider is a new form of marine transportation taking proven technologies from both the marine and aerospace industries to create a truly novel vehicle.  The seaglider is by design a wing-in-ground-effect vehicle whose previous lineage proved difficult for realistic operations.  REGENT proposes several modern technology enhancements to solve some of the key issues to WIG operations.  We address seakeeping, near harbor operations, vessel deconfliction, ride comfort, and efficiency by utilizing hydrofoils, electrification, blown wing technology, and fly-by-wire avionics architecture.

Bio: Bryan Baker is the Design Lead at REGENT.  He is a professional Naval Architect graduating from University of Michigan in 2003. Bryan began his career working at Farr Yacht Design on high performance yachts participating in the Vendee Globe, Volvo Ocean Race and America's Cup.  Most recently, Bryan has joined REGENT, a small Boston based startup whose sole focus is designing electric wing in ground effect vehicles.  Prior to REGENT, Bryan worked as a Flight Physics Lead for Aurora Flight Sciences a Boeing Subsidiary on eVTOL concepts aiding in the development of Boeing's Passenger Air Vehicle (PAV) and designing key components for a fan in wing concept for Porsche.  He's passionate about all appropriate water sports, summer sailing and winter skiing.


(student host will be Adam Sliwiak)